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Why Italy

Why should you get married in Italy? 

Well, first of all, because Italy is a unique country. You can enjoy many captivating features contained in an area of just 1,300 km by 250 km, as nowhere else, like our stunning natural beauties: majestic mountains or relaxing hills, clean blue sea or romantic lakes,  magnificent woods or pleasant countryside, as well as skillfully cultivated lands. Among such different attractions, you can find thousands of small ancient villages having different original architecture and unique panoramas. History and art are everywhere. Whether you stay in a big city or a little village, you just need to look around to discover immeasurable treasures. Moreover, lovely weather, especially from spring to fall, will make your stay incredibly pleasant. Last but not least, our world famous food and wine together with our traditional warm, professional hospitality, are offered by almost every possible kind of venue. 

Well, did we convince you? Not completely? Oh yes, you are right, organization is not an Italian pride and joy, and we must admit it. However, believe us, it is not so terrible as they say, and we can prevent problems and lead you safely out of some of the little issues that sometimes can happen.

Some tips about your Italian Wedding

How to plan your Italian Wedding

Getting married in Italy as a foreigner, you need to plan a little ahead, around one year in advance. Twelve months before the date is a good timeframe to start envisioning the wedding of your dreams. Think of the best period of the year for you and your guests, as well as which of the Italian regions or cities you wish to be your wedding location. However, unless you are very acquainted with Italy, we warmly recommend that you not try to organize your wedding yourself.  We are aware of how that sounds, much like bringing grist to our mill, but we are not saying you must engage us and no one else.

Wedding planning is a relatively new job in Italy, and in the last five or six years, many consultants have begun offering this service. Thanks to the Internet, nowadays almost everybody can declare "I am a wedding planner" and try to obtain some customers. Luckily for you, they usually speak little English, and you will probably never meet them. Some others, instead, are truly professional and highly reliable companies, with real experience in wedding and event organization. Among them, there are also native English ladies living in our country who decided to help people coming from abroad to get married in Italy. Each company has its background and talents, of course, but, generally speaking, the best is to give one's preference to companies with a multitalented staff.

Selecting a company that will help you organize your wedding in Italy, we recommend you pay attention to some details:

-      A good number of real weddings should be visible in the picture gallery

-      The person in charge should ask you all useful information about your marriage when you contact them for the first time.

-      The company should send you a letter of agreement showing costs, terms, and conditions of all services available or specifically required

-      Once you have engaged the company by signing the above letter, they should keep you regularly updated about every step of your wedding organization on a bimonthly basis.

Incidentally, that is what we do.