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Italy is for sure one of the most enchanting and romantic  place for a unique wedding abroad and a great destination for your Honeymoon.

Getting married in Emila Romagna, Veneto, Marche or Umbria offers a various choice for every taste:  it will be easy to find the ideal location to your special day.

A jewelry box of cultures and landscapes between the present and the past. It’s amazing how their totally varied landscape combine the most beautiful Italy has to offer.  A wide choice of settings and locations are available in both region  magnificent palaces or villas, rural buildings in the hills or beach venue. Delicious food and wine catered at your wedding reception and the Italian wedding touches will ad up personality  and charm to you wedding.



Rich and vibrant cities can be found along the Via Emilia which crosses the whole region.

Bologna, the beautiful medieval capital of the Emilia region, is a popular choice for Italian weddings. . The best known landmarks of the area are the Due Torri (the two towers) – some of the few medieval towers that remain in Bologna, from the hundreds that once stood throughout the city.  Seated in the shade of these two towers, the traveller is at the centre of a series of concentric circles that make up the ancient city.

Piazza Maggiore is the right place to start exploring the heart of Bologna. Here you will find San Petronio, one of the largest Catholic churches in the world. On the same square is located Palazzo d'Accursio, now the Town Hall, which looks rather like a fortified citadel with towers and crenellated walls. The statue of Pope Gregory XIII blesses passers-by from its front wall.


Adjoining Piazza Maggiore is the smaller Piazza Nettuno. The centrepiece of the square is the Fontana del Nettuno - a fountain featuring a bronze statue of Neptune, God of the Sea; another symbol of Bologna and gathering point for people and events.

If you really want to make the most of Bologna, just take a stroll under its porticoes,

Candidates as "World Heritage" Unesco the porticos of Bologna, nearly 40 km long, make the city of Bologna unique in the world.

Since 1100, when growth of the University led him to invent new urban space, the arcades have become a place, at once public and private, social and business, outdoor seating symbol of hospitality in Bologna.

The essence of Bologna does not only lie in its red brick buildings and porticoes, but also in the old handicraft shops scattered around the old city centre, that offer a wide range of hand-made memorabilia. One of the medieval alleyways leading to the porticoes of the Archiginnasio in Piazza Maggiore is called Via degli Orefici (Goldsmiths Street) after the old goldsmiths' guild, and is still packed with jeweller's shops.

Without doubt, Bologna’s vital heart, is downtown where the nights are full and you will find a a huge choice of places to go, from elegant restaurants to small typical Osterie -wine bars, or romantic trattorie .